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These Days, coming to the trending gadgets; we all come up with a single answer - our smartphones. And of course, those are the smart mobile applications for which we can’t sacrifice anymore and want the latest everyday.

Well, Node Js stands for building the mobile and web apps providing us a high performance at any time and anywhere. Nodejs uses V8 javascript engine made by Google. And based on that, the technology makes its recognition smart by the time.


Real-Time Applications are something that you are approaching? - Nodejs satisfies it 100 percent!

Talking about the real-time applications, as we know; there are several real-time applications running in the market, e.g, UBER. The mobile application s using the geolocation or showing the weather conditions or say a real-time traffic is using the WebSockets to understand and analyze the real-time conditions of a situation.

These web sockets are used to represent the high-level scalability and two-way communication between the users and the server. The Node Js technology is about making such network-based applications and making ideas into quick realities. Such as real-time and on-demand applications of all kind.

Nowadays the mobile and web apps are not for the simple and easy to use. But making difference in real life and indeed real time. Nodejs is the complete package of delivering such value-added performance to the software apps.


Can you believe it?

  • Strong single codebase
  • Big Apple of real time applications
  • Serving as the proxy server
  • Superior Data streaming
  • Highly scalable
  • Reduced response time
  • Rich ecosystem
  • Largest & strong community support
  • Yet many to get inclined with...

Tech giants like GoDaddy and PayPal are opting for Node js because of its exceptional nature!

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