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Microsoft.Net stays as the world's fastest-growing robust programming platform as well as technology. If you are looking for one of the most classy developments in your website or software project, do espouse.Net development. Several applications or software grounded on Windows based OS are compatible with the.Net framework integrating Windows.Net Development into the business. Without compromising on any standard on Microsoft policies and its security concerns, develop windows app that makes the buzz around the world.

.Net based platforms are the amazing ones as compared to its competitors as you will be redirected to the direct support team of Microsoft as well as its splendid features. framework can be helpful in installing new applications into the existing system.also, the interaction with the older applications and compatible in coexisting with the software applications. .Net is most called for the software where security concerns matter the most and are providing the standard structure for the same.


At Nevina Infotech, we are connected with the experienced.Net consultants and also working with the SharePoint applications environment with some of our business to business marketers. Our esteemed clients are always heading for the .net projects and you can surely expect a satisfactory response from us!


Nevina Infotech offers services in .Net based Platforms such as

  • web Applications
  • Windows Applications
  • Windows Services
  • Console Applications
  • Mobile applications & Class Libraries
  • More with the .Net Framework

We are specialize in .Net Based Platforms holding resources such as

  • DataAnnotations localization
  • SupportedCultures and SupportedUICultures
  • View localization
  • Making the app's content localizable
  • Culture fallback behavior
  • And yet more!
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